Fiber Where No One Else Dares


Hooray! Fiber internet is available in your area! Connect your life, your way and join the Pioneer Fiber Force today!


Fiber internet is coming to your area! Construction is underway and soon we will be ready to install the best in connectivity to your home/business.


Engineering our Fiber network in your area is underway! Contract Field Engineers are in your area working to map out mainline Fiber and drops to your home/business.


Let’s get you connected! Pioneer’s DSL internet service is currently available in your area. As we explore bringing our fiber network to other areas, registering your interest allows us to determine our next plan of action. Join the cooperative and enjoy the reliability of a local company.

*Our Status Map is powered by Google. If you searched your address above and the result is an inaccurate location pin drop, please call us at (888) 929-1014 so we can happily assist you further. For those that are not located in a current fiber funded area, please register your interest as this will help us to determine where we need to focus our efforts for additional funding sources.

Residential Fiber Internet

Movie nights get an upgrade with a reliable fiber internet connection. Say goodbye to buffering and snuggle in for the best streaming experience during your favorite movie. Get connected with the fiber speed that works for you.

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Business Fiber Internet

Business doesn’t have to be usual; it can be exceptional with a reliable fiber internet connection. When connecting with your customers, you need a partner that will deliver the best connection. Do business with the best and select the Pioneer fiber package that works for you.

What is Pioneer fiber?

We understand that technology changes so quickly and that it can be hard to keep up, which is exactly why Pioneer Connect is working to bring state-of-the-art fiber internet to your door. Learn why this technology is important for you, our communities, and our futures.