Robocall Mitigation now active for all Pioneer Connect members

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It’s become all too common in recent years — you pick up a call from an unknown number only to hear a spam offer on the other end. Perhaps it’s someone impersonating the IRS or some mysterious contest that you’ve supposedly won, except you never even entered. These are frustrating at best and damaging at worst, if the person on the other end gets your valuable information.

However, new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations recently went into effect on July 1, 2021, that create a universal spam call blocking function called Robocall Mitigation. This new national system works to block outbound spam calls that originate in each provider’s service area. This allows for spam calls to be recognized and blocked from being made in the first place — stopping them at the source. And with all telephone providers required to support the new system, it will have positive ripple effects to your cell phone too. You may have already noticed a decline in the volume of these calls — a win-win for everyone!

Pioneer Connect long ago identified robocalls as a pain point for our members. That’s why we offered Robocall Blocking free of charge. But now under this new FCC system, all our members and all telephone numbers in the US will have new protection against those unwanted calls. Soon, those Pioneer customers who had previously added Robocall Blocking will no longer see it listed on their monthly bill, but rest assured a new robust system is now in place to help keep those calls at bay!

See more information from the FCC about this program on its website