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Whether you live in town or a rural setting, Pioneer Connect has always pushed the boundaries — and gone the extra mile — to provide high-speed internet and reliable phone services across our 1,300+ square mile service area.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share that Pioneer Connect’s Board of Directors recently approved a strategic direction to deploy fiber-to-the-home, with a significant financial commitment to begin construction in 2021. While it will be a multi-year process, we cannot wait to bring our communities and neighbors next-generation speeds.

Fiber internet, widely considered “future-proof,” will provide ultra-fast speeds up to 1,000 Mbps (1 GIG). Talk about big-city speeds right at your doorstep!

To support our commitment to fiber and keep our communities updated on expansion plans, we’ve launched a site dedicated to our fiber network: fiber.pioneer.net. There, we have answers for many common fiber questions and resources to learn about fiber connectivity.

When you visit fiber.pioneer.net, you’ll also see an address lookup and maps showing where we provide fiber today. We encourage you to submit your address so we can share updates as soon as we have them!

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Not only is fiber far faster and more reliable than DSL/cable technology, it’s essential for preparing the communities we live in for the future of technology.

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