Announcing the 18 recipients of our annual college scholarships

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After a record number of submissions were received, Pioneer Connect is proud to recognize and announce the 18 accomplished students who have been awarded a college scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Since 1999-2000, Pioneer Connect has awarded 336 scholarships worth more than $342,000, showing significant financial dedication to the communities it serves with internet, phone and video services.

“On behalf of the Board and everyone at Pioneer Connect, we would like to congratulate these outstanding students on earning a scholarship to assist in their pursuit of a college education,” said Jim Rennard, Pioneer Connect General Manager. “These high-achieving students have overcome tremendous hurdles with COVID-19 and distance learning, so we know they will certainly be successful in pursuit of their higher education. They are excellent role models for our communities, and we wish all of them continued success in the classroom and beyond.”

Each year, Pioneer Connect opens its scholarship application to young adults beginning or continuing their college years. Interested students choose either the Academic Scholarship or the Community College Scholarship, based on their higher education goals and plans. Pioneer Connect’s Board of Directors then reviews and awards the scholarships.

Academic Scholarship Recipients

Name High School College Attending
Florence Anderson Philomath HS Concordia University
Lauren Bobo-Shisler Newport HS OSU
Lucas Forshee Waldport HS UO
Kailey Fredrickson Philomath HS OSU
Caleb Matthews Philomath HS Stanford University
Amey McDaniel Philomath HS George Fox University
Casey McDaniel Philomath HS OSU
Sarah McDaniel Philomath HS George Fox University
Mikaila Saathoff Philomath HS Linfield University
Danika Simon Newport HS Stanford University
Biwa Tomono-Duval Philomath HS Central Oregon Community College
Konoha Tomono-Duval Philomath HS Colorado College
Rachael Turner Newport HS OSU
Rhyan Turner Eddyville Charter OSU
Benjamin Wiese Newport HS Univ. of Alaska

COMMUNITY COLLEGE Scholarship Recipients

Name High School College Attending
Josiah Gunn Philomath HS LBCC
Jeremy Schaffer Homeschool LBCC
Randi Turner Eddyville Charter OCCC

As the cost of higher education continues to rise in Oregon and across the nation, Pioneer Connect remains committed to supporting local students and their college aspirations with these annual scholarships. Those interested in applying can visit pioneer.net/scholarships each January for the open application.