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Recent Internet Outages

Pioneer Connect has recently faced internet outages. We are outlining what has happened, and how we will fix that.

988 — National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

988 is the new National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Opening doors for Americans in need, and establishing a easy to remember dialing code.

2022 Scholarship Recipients & Youth Tour Representatives

Pioneer Connect is proud to offer annual academic scholarships and youth tours. As a Co-Op it is at our core to serve our community, and provide for our members.

scamming in a new era — smishing

New and emerging tactics in the world of scamming.

Pioneer awarded Community Connect grant for fiber project in Triangle Lake area

Pioneer Connect has been awarded a $3 million grant for a fiber build in the Triangle Lake area.

Information on upcoming EZVideo maintenance

Details for EZVideo customers on an upcoming maintenance window.

Is it a Wi-Fi or internet issue? Inside the two technologies.

We dive into the differences between the internet and Wi-Fi.

Pioneer Announces Significant Fiber Expansion in Philomath

Announcing a one-year project to bring Fiber internet to 2,400+ addresses in Philomath!

Pioneer Connect to end EZVideo service on Jan. 31, 2022

Important update on Pioneer’s EZVideo service, which will end in Jan. 2022.

Robocall Mitigation now active for all Pioneer Connect members

Learn about a new FCC program in place to block robocalls.

Pioneer Connect lobbies open to the public starting July 6

We’re thrilled to be reopening, providing you in-person services once again.

Join the Fiber Force! We’re now gathering interest for fiber

Submit your address today to get updates on future fiber expansion!

We’re now accepting Community Grant applications for funding

Community-based projects in our service area can apply for a grant up to $5,000.

2020 Annual Report and a message from General Manager Jim Rennard

Access our 2020 Annual Report, which includes a special message from GM Jim Rennard.

Announcing the 18 recipients of our annual college scholarships

We’re proud to celebrate the 18 outstanding recipients of a Pioneer Connect scholarship.

Application open for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

Pioneer Connect is a participating provider in the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit.

Inside ConnectIQ’s redesigned look and new features

ConnectIQ now has even more features and an improved navigation experience.

We’re thrilled to unveil ConnectIQ, our new mobile app

Our mobile app for Apple & Android devices gives you 24/7 control over your Wi-Fi network.

We’re here to help you save on internet!

Watch a special video from GM Jim Rennard about how we are enhancing our services for you.

We’re proud to honor our heroes during COVID-19

Recognizing the local organizations who are going the extra mile during these challenging times.

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Celebrating and congratulating our 2020 scholarship recipients from the Mid-Willamette Valley to the Coast!

Passwords: Simple ways to increase your security online

These password best practices can help minimize your risk online when it comes to your private info.

Pioneer Connect helps bridge OSU and Hatfield Marine Science Center

Pioneer Connect has worked closely with OSU and Link Oregon to establish a direct fiber connection.

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Join us in celebrating our 13 outstanding college scholarship recipients from all over the Pioneer service area.

2019 Youth Tour Representatives

Amelia Skinkis and Caleb Matthews represented Pioneer Connect during the 2019 Youth Tour in Washington, D.C.