Board of Director Nominations

The 2019 Annual Meeting of Members is scheduled for Monday, June 17th.  Members of the Board of Directors will be elected from the following two districts:

District 3 — The Alsea, Bellfountain, and Lobster Valley exchanges including Alpine, Dawson, and Glenbrook areas.

District 4 — The southerly portion of the Philomath exchange. The north boundary line of the district is described as follows: Beginning at the northeast corner of Section 35, Township 11 South, Range 6 West; thence west 2 miles to the northwest corner of Section 34; thence south 2.5 miles to the east quarter corner of Section 9, Township 12 South, Range 6 West; thence west 9 miles to the west quarter corner of Section 7, Township 12 South, Range 7 West; including Beaver Creek, Highway 34, and Philomath areas

For more information regarding the nomination process, contact one of our business offices and
request a copy of the Bylaws or visit our website at http://pioneerconnect.pivotdev.com/bylaws2018.pdf

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